What is Paintless Dent Removal – What, Who and How of Dent Repair

Do you have a dent on your car, bike, boat, or truck and wondering if it can be fixed without repainting the panel or that section of your car?

You just may be in luck as that is very much possible with PDR or Paintless Dent Removal. PDR is a method of fixing dents without the need for repainting. Now, this is easy said than done.

There are few issues that one must keep in mind before expecting a perfect finish that looks just like the factory look. For starters, if the paint is already damaged or cracked then paintless dent removal will not work, that panel needs to be fixed and repainted all over. Second if, the dent is big or located in an odd position then the risk of damage to the paint while performing dent repair is high.


So, let us get into the depths of Paintless Dent Removal.


What is Paintless Dent Removal?

Mobile paintless dent removal and repair

Paintless dent removal is a method of fixing, repairing, or removing dents without damaging the paint. This type of work is often done by specialists who have years of experience and the right tools. Not everyone can perform paintless dent repair. This type of repair can be done on any part of your vehicle if it is accessible. Some parts of the car that can be fixed through this method are doors, hood, roof, bonnet, bumpers, and fenders.

This method of car repair requires specialised tools and equipment that a body repairer or body shop may carry. However, not everybody or smash repair shop or mobile mechanic carries these tools or even performs this type of repair. So, you must contact body repair shops or mobile body repairers near you to find out if they can perform paintless dent removal.


Who can perform a paintless dent removal?

Now, since not everyone performs or can perform paintless dent removal, the question stands. Who can perform a PDR? The first step to get the answer starts with your car or vehicle where the damage has occurred. Assess the damage visually to see if the paint has been scrapped, cracked, has deep scratches, or undercoat showing.

As mentioned before this is a very specialised repair and only those who have experience can perform this. They also must have very specialised tools that help in the dent repair process. If someone is advertising Paintless dent removal in their services you can be sure they have some expertise, but you must make to ask if they can indeed perform the repair on your vehicle. Send them pictures of the damage to your vehicle to assess. This way you not only help them see if they can repair the damage without repainting and you will get a realistic quote.

Most body repair shops, and mobile body repairers can perform minor dent repairs without any issues. It is only the major or bigger dents that require expertise and specialised tools. So, contact a local paintless dent removal shop or mobile body repairer to find out if they can perform the job.

Leo, from On Point Mobile Spray Solutions is one of those who have years of experience in body and paintless dent removal. He operates a mobile repair service in Melbourne that offers dent, scratch, and body repair. One of the suggestions he gives is that to get an idea of the extent of your damage, it is best to get a picture for different angles, then send them the photos to assess. While minor repairs will cost you less than the excess you pay on your insurance, some major repairs will cost you close to a few thousand.


What are some of the tools required for paintless dent removal?


DIY Tools:

You can find an array of DIY tools online and through major retailers, they can be used to repair minor dents. These tools are often suction-based and use various configurations to help pull out the dent. They may not completely repair the dent but will do a good enough job. However, if you required extensive repair and got multiple dents then you will need to hire a specialist.

Tools of the Job:

Specialised repairers have custom tools and kits that are suited for different situations and are often not available for retail purchase. Some repairers have used these tools for years and are made just for them, and even perhaps made by them.


To get you a fair, idea, Leo says that every repair depends on the extension of damage and the make or model of the vehicle in question. Luxury vehicles or classics require special attention because of the material used. While low-end models can get away with quick fixes. So, the best way to go about repairing a dent is to contact your local body repair shop and send them photos beforehand to get an idea of the repair and cost.

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